AdTech Reboot Activation Series

Never has the global marketing community experienced a near complete halt to many advertising activities.

This unprecedented time-out, unlikely to ever recur, let’s us re-imagine what AdTech can be over the next ten years versus the unsustainable,fraud-laden, chaotic mix of platforms, DSPs, exchanges, SaaS and DMPs of the last ten years.

Now that the AdTech merry-go-round has paused briefly, as a community, we can make new choices about how AdTech V2.0 should evolve.

If AdTech V1.0 was valued for its ability to take some of the guesswork out of marketing, AdTech v2.0 has to be about technology that creates trusted engagement, trusted interactions and trusted revenue.

If not now – when?


This series is meant to give specific information and advice about how each stakeholder group in marketing, adtech ventures, VCs, agencies and advertisers, can evolve to AdTech V2.0. Speakers will include research, Brands and tech firms all focused on making AdTech V2.0 trusted, transparent and accountable. Never has it been a better to reshape how digital marketing can work.

Current series will include:

Session #1: The Architecture of AdTech V2.0

                 Scheduled for June 25, 2020 from 11AM to 1PM EST

Session #2: The Agency’s Pivot Plan – Date TBD

Session #3: The Brand to Demand B2B Tech Stack – Date TBD

Session #4: The Next Disruptive Trust Tech Wave for B2C – Date TBD


Join us:

1. To register for the event, just send us a note and we’ll save you a virtual spot (no hassle) at:

2. To sponsor this event, please email us at:

3. To nominate someone to speak for this and our other sessions, please email:

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